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Shearman & Sterling LLP's Annual Survey of the Corporate Governance and Executive and Director Compensation Practices of the Largest US Public Companies

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Shearman & Sterling LLPs digital App, Annual Corporate Governance Survey of the Largest US Public Companies, contains highlights from the firms Annual Survey of Selected Corporate Governance Practices of the Largest US Public Companies.  The survey –  which is comprised of a general governance practices survey and a director and executive compensation practices survey – provides an in-depth analysis of the policies and practices of 100 of the largest US public companies.  The general corporate governance survey includes findings and observations related to board structure, anti-takeover defenses and both shareholder and management proxy statement proposals.  In addition, for the first time, the corporate governance practices of companies that have recently completed an initial public offering (IPO) are reviewed.  The executive compensation survey, meanwhile, addresses a wide variety of compensation-related topics, such as say-on-pay, clawback policies and executive and director stock ownership guidelines and provides deep insight into the various approaches US public companies are taking with respect to these issues.‬